Worship is about Him, for Him, to Him

At Waxhaw Bible Church our worship is directed by our vision: We exist to glorify God.  In corporate worship we focus our affections, our mind, heart and will on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as we exalt Him in spirit and in truth.  Through gospel-centered, bible-based songs, old and new, we seek to honor, magnify, and lift of the name of Jesus above all else, including our own preferences. In reverent fear of Almighty God we humble ourselves before Him together as one voice in song.

Worship is intentional and active

Throughout Scripture, both old and new testament a common theme and understanding of the words for worship indicate physical activity.  Whether that is vocal expression (singing, speaking, shouting, etc…Ps. 95, 96, 33), bodily actions (to bow down, to lay prostrate, to lift hands, etc… Ps. 5, 29, 86, 95, 96), and instrumental offerings (a song with a harp, flutes, drums, etc..Gen. 4; II Chron. 29; Ps. 150).

Worship is corporate and encouraging

As we worship corporately we join together with brothers and sisters accomplishing two things: First and foremost the exaltation of the most high God, but, secondly we minister to those around as we encourage one another in the faith.  (Eph. 2; Rev 4 & 5, and many Psalms) 

Interested in being part of the Worship Ministries at WBC?


If you are interested in following the passion and calling that God has given you in and through leading worship, and play an instrument, sing, or are gifted on the technical side of things (Audio mixing, Video production, and/or camera work and presentation) please let us know.  
Email paul [at] waxhawbiblechurch [dot] org or call the church office.  We’d love to hear from you and get you plugged into the ministry here.

Special Music

If you are interested in presenting a special worship offering; be it: song, dance, spoken word, or many of the other gifts God has given to his people within the fine arts, please let us know.

A WBC Sermon regarding worship: “Why Should I Worship?”

In a series in early 2015 as a church we discussed many of the things we do as a church and answered the questions, “Why do we do this?” or “Why should I do that?”  One of the topics we discussed was worship, specifically regarding corporate worship through song.  There certainly is truth and context in Scripture regarding living a life of worship, but, there is also a significant call for us to join together as the body of Christ and worship through song.  This message investigates that call and encourages us to do just that.