Fall Sunday School 

Sundays @ 9:00 am

Pre-K through Adult


Adult Class:  “What’s in a Worldview? with Paul Yurksaitis in the Worship Center

Where did we come from? What is sin? How is my sin dealt with? What does restoration look like? Is there a God?
This summer we have been looking at biblical justice v. “social” justice. We’ve looked at how they differ, if they have any similarities, and much more. While we may be unaware, in everyday life, much of this conversation stems from one’s particular worldview. Who or what informs the way you and I see (interpret) things going on in our world is foundationally important to how we live and interact with the world around us. Join us this fall as we investigate different worldviews and how they play into many of the issues. Join us in person or via WebEx. Please see weekly email or contact Office@WaxhawBibleChurch.org for the link. 

Children’s & Youth Sunday School Classes 

Preschool: Answers in Genesis ABC Bible Survey with Ms. Geraldine in Room 301
1st & 2nd Grade: Answers in Genesis ABC Bible Survey with Ms. Karen in Room 304
3rd & 4th Grade: Answers in Genesis ABC Bible Survey with Mr. Richard in Room 302
5th & 6th Grade Girls: The book of Jonah with Ms. Pat in Room 204
5th & 6th Grade Boys: The book of Mark with Mr. Phil & Darien in Room 303
7th – 12th Grade: Youth Sunday School with Eric & Laurie Bjorkfelt in Room 201

If you have questions about class locations please come to the Welcome Center in the Sanctuary and someone will point you in the right direction.

Click Here for resources from our 2018 Digging Deeper Sunday School series on
Big Questions & Current Issues!
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